Celebrate Mom with a WOW-worthy Brunch


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Brunch is a classic pastime enjoyed by most and often serves as a key component in Mother’s Day celebrations. Take your brunch up a notch this year with the perfect balance of sweet and savory with these recipes. Trust us…your mom will love that you put such a thoughtful (not to mention delicious) spread together to celebrate!


Recipe Inspiration from 365 Days of Baking and More

A traditional French food that smells absolutely entrancing–and are quite simple to make, crepes are great for brunch because you can do so much with them. If you prefer your crepes sweet, try filling them with honey and whipped cream–or strawberries and hazelnut-chocolate spread. Turn them into a savory dish by pairing them with a mix of caramelized onions, sauteed spinach, and oven-roasted tomatoes. Try this recipe for basic crepes and let your imagination run wild.


Recipe Inspiration from Simply Recipes

Eggs are a staple for any brunch. It doesn’t matter how they are prepared. Your eggs can be scrambled, soft-boiled, or made into an omelet. To make brunch feel extra fancy, we recommend this Eggs Benedict recipe. Poached eggs covered in a creamy Hollandaise sauce–that sounds like a special occasion dish to us!


Recipe Inspiration from Peanut Butter and Peppers

Parfaits are probably one of the simplest dishes to put together. All you need is some quality yogurt and fruit. Kick it up a notch by To make them a little more elegant, assemble your parfaits in clear jars or glasses to make every layer visible. Here’s a great recipe for coconut berry parfaits that we think your guests will enjoy.


Recipe Inspiration from Kevin is Cooking

Who doesn’t love waffles? There are so many fun and clever ways to serve them. You can add some chocolate chips to the batter, and top them with whipped cream. Or you can top them with honey and toasted walnuts instead. But if you’re really feeling adventurous, opt for something unique, like these red velvet waffles. They are sweet and so pretty to look at.


Some people are wild about bacon. It’s crispy, it’s delicious–some might say it’s essential to life! If your mom agrees, bring your bacon game to the next level by serving a platter of brown sugar-glazed-bacon. All it takes is two ingredients. Just some good quality maple syrup and some thick cut bacon.


Fresh fruit is a brunch staple, offering a touch of sweetness without any added sugars. Not only is it delicious but it also brings a bright pop of color to the spread. Consider letting the fruit do double duty for you as a centerpiece with a fresh fruit arrangement such as the Fresh Cut Bouquet  or the Mother’s Day Swizzle Bouquet™. Or if you’re looking for a little extra indulgence, opt for chocolate covered strawberries.


Recipe Inspiration from Tablespoon

No brunch is complete without a tasty beverage! Bring some sophistication to your event with a festive drink that complements the meal. We love the idea of this Sparkling Pear Punch, with the sweet aromatics of pear and the bright flavors of lemon and ginger. It’s such a pretty drink to look at too. Don’t you think?

We hope these recipes leave you inspired to throw an amazing brunch for the moms in your life! Have fun and good luck with your preparations. Happy Mother’s Day!